The Neurogenx Treatment for Neuropathy

For many people who complain of pain in their joints, limbs or in different parts of their bodies, the obvious approach would be to take painkillers. The problem with these sedatives is that they relieve one of pain for a short term and the pain is recurrent. Nevertheless, patients suffering from neuropathy and other similar nerve conditions that cause pain are in luck as there is a new treatment method that takes away all the pain. This is the neurogenx treatment. The treatment method is not common in many areas but the world is slowly beginning to accept it and the wonders it does. This process is carried out using a machine called the Neurogenx 4000Pro on such patients in hospitals.

Candidates suitable for it

Generally, most patients with nerve problems causing pain are the best candidates for the treatment. However, it is advisable to see a doctor first who will examine you to determine if you are suitable to undergo the process and explain to you everything that resolves around it.

There are certain groups of people who are at a risk of complications and even losing their lives if they go through this treatment; hence will not be allowed to go through it. These are expectant women, persons with spinal problems and those that depend on pacemakers to survive. Additionally, there are other factors such as age, medical history and genetics that will determine one’s eligibility to successfully go through the process.

How it works

Once you have been examined and agree to the treatment, a certified medical specialist will administer the treatment to you. It is not a surgical operation as all it requires is electricity. One’s body is connected to the Neurogenx machine via electrodes. These electrodes are placed on strategic positions where pain is adamant and the machine is turned on. Electric signals are then released to the body to reach the nerve cells and make them active. These signals also create waves in the body that get rid of fluids and toxins known to bring about inflammation.

There is no prescribed time for treatment as it all depends on the way the patient is reacting to it. Averagely, after 5 weeks of treatment, one should be healing and getting better. For better results, it is better to have at least 20 treatment sessions all together.

Is it effective?

The treatment has changed many lives and brought happiness to many homes due to its effectiveness. Patients who once suffered from excruciating pain are now able to give testimonies that the pain is gone and the sensation from their nerves that was very minimal is now back and their bodies in good states.


Neurogenx has helped numerous people who complained of pain to smile once more and begin to appreciate their bodies more as the pain they once felt is no more. There are many centers offering the treatment. See your doctor first and after examination, you can book yourself an appointment for this life transforming process.