Every worker in the US has state and federal laws which protect them from discrimination, sexual harassment and unsafe working conditions. These laws are governed and can vary from state to state. It is important that the everyone is aware of the employment laws which will allow one to have a safer working environment.


FMLA is the Family Medical Leave Act which a qualified employer is legally given. This allows you to legally take the time off to take care of a sick family member. The FMLA can easily protect your job for a limited duration while you are not present.


Cannot be fired for going on a strike

This is also another rule which states that one cannot be fired for going on a lawful strike. This is to engage the union organisation, which can be considered to be protected activity. But it is also important that strikers can beware of the impromptu walkouts which can be considered lawful.

Bosses cannot take employee tips

For the people who are in the service industry, the bosses cannot take an employee’s tip. But and employee’s hourly wages can be reduced based upon tips. Tip pooling among the tipped staff is considered to be good as long as prior notice is given.

Employee tips

It is legal for your boss to read your email

This might seem like an invasion of privacy, but it is legal for your boss to read an employee’s work email. This also means that if you use your personal email, your boss has the legal rights to look into it. In general, employees provide their employers with the consent to monitor their online activities when they sign hiring documentation.

You cannot be fired for taking legal drugs

If you take legal drugs like cigarettes, alcohol and prescribed medication and if it does not hinder your performance, you can easily discipline or even terminate an employee. There are some protections which needs to be implemented which will allow the disabled to be permanent.

Legal drugs

Cannot be fired for refusing to do something illegal

If the employee is asked to violate the law and if not complied will lead him to get fired anyway. These terminations are surprising, violated by the law. There are specific laws which state that if the employer fires an employee for refusing to follow an illegal direction can be sued for wrongful termination in violation of public policy.

You are required to take a lunch break

The state provides the law where the employees are requested to take a lunch break. But in general, the law only requires the employees to provide the break and are not compelled to incentivise the break if the employee does not take it.